Pickle or achaar is synonymous to an emotion in India. And not surprising enough is the fact that this delicious accompaniment had always been a part of our nostalgic childhood memories at our ancestral houses. The recipe had been passed down through generations to our grandmothers and our mothers and these delicacies were often prepared during summers from the simplest of vegetables and fruits. The children in the house found it their greatest pleasure to sneak out bottles of pickles that were kept for pickling.

Tressia Homemade Pickles is an entrepreneurial venture of one such mother whose pickles were the most favorite among her friends and family. The children loved it and the adults loved the healthy ingredients in it. She had then decided to spread more of this love and Tressia Homemade Pickles came into existence. The pickles are completely home-made and are available in a wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. It is prepared in the authentic Kerala style and contains the perfect blend of all the rich spices and is therefore sure to enhance your culinary experience




Tressia Foods

IC Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai

Mobile : 7045078800




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